Addressing what is called (but what is NOT) a "FAQ" (a "FAQ" is supposed to be answers to Frequently Asked Questions), but the "FAQ" up about this author, Brad Jesness, is completely full of lies and libel and completely untrue. (The bad site involved is OWNED as well as hosted by ovh (ovhcloud), / .)

ovh (ovhcloud), / (owned by the same people) both hosts AND OWNS, and is thus the directly responsible party, for a DOMAIN with a web site by a libelous, LYING, ANONYMOUS poster using true aliases (and this "fellow" is also "x-no-archive: yes", so his several thousands of abusive posts about several people cannot be found). And such false newsgroup posts -- from15 years ago -- were made by this anonymous person, using the true alias "Taylor Jimenez". To address the problem of the "FAQ", I went to far as to get a statement FROM the MN BCA stating I HAD NEVER BEEN INVESTIGATED -- trying to thoroughly counter the libel/slander. I can do no more than that.  (This false and totally libelous "FAQ" web page is entitled "The Brad Jesness FAQ & criminal documentation alert from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension"; it neither documents crimes (or any illegal behavior) AND IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT FROM THE MN BCA -- I have the best proof to the contrary: a securely signed pdf stating FROM the MN BCA (which was made aware of this libel), stating in the countering letter to me that: "You are not, nor has ever been, the subject of any criminal investigation, felony or misdemeanor, conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension." (Such libelous newsgroup posts by "Taylor Jimenez" were anonymous, just giving one reason: There is NO "Taylor Jimenez" in the proper age range, gender, and living for a long time in CA. This person also made a very threatening harassing anonymous phone call from a phone booth ; and, I have that TAPED.   [ See (and click) mp3 player, below, to get a sense of this psychopath's behavior. ] [ ( The address for reporting ABUSE for is (according to whois) the SAME as the address for reporting abuse for and ) For other astonishingly negative reviews of other bad practices of ovh, CLICK HERE. ]

Perhaps I should add that "Taylor Jimenez", and UNDER his other TRUE ALIASES, was NEVER ON-TOPIC, EVER -- all he did was abuse people for YEARS AND NOTHING ELSE (I once tallied up 10,000 anonymous posts by him, NEVER ANY CONSTRUCTIVE; rather, very typically his posts were filled with serious lies, libel, or extreme gross distortions (ALL for his and his pals' sick amusement). This likely gives perspective; you cannot find ANY decent posts by him in newsgroups with decent content; this makes it much more likely it is as I indicate ; AND: his WEB SITES were ALL ALSO ANONYMOUS (many with the help of; in short, he never had ANY accountability. Now, if I say this person lied ALWAYS, that becomes believable -- and THAT is true. My posts, in contrast, while a tiny minority where made through known and proper anonymizing services (to protect Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from getting flooded with false claims), I SIGNED my name to the vast majority of these; AND, ALSO, the VAST MAJORITY of my posts were made UNDER ONE VALID EMAIL ADDRESS from an accountable domain AS WELL AS BEING SIGNED -- i.e. showed total and complete accountability.

No aliases were ever used by me; this illustrates another complete lie -- and again makes all else I say about the this guy, "Taylor", believable (and I am not even bringing up his anonymous co-posters, some with a clear criminal record -- making for the stalking/harassing GANG).

Through extensive investigation the actual IDENTITY of the libelous, anonymous, stalking spammer, who NEVER was decent on any decent newsgroup finally came to be known.  Since HE may have become a decent person over the last 15 years and may even have done some good things, I shall not mention his name.
I hope NOT to have "things" like that page containing that so-called "FAQ"  affecting the viewing of my other writings which have been made and which are available through the Internet.  I have done some good in the last 15 years since that "FAQ" (and I was NOT bad back then, either),and do not want my reputation adversely affected so that now the important writings are neglected.
("You asked me to call, but you don't call...I know everything..." <-- an anonymous call from "Taylor Jimenez" from a pay phone -- thus, cannot receive calls.)