PHP changes above PHP vers. 5.4 -- EASY CHANGES


Everywhere there is a mysql_ , change that to mysqli_

mysqli_query now requires an additional database* parameter (as 1st parameter) $subresult = mysqli_query($db, $subsql);
* $db (or whatever you name it)  is the return value of $db = mysqli_connect and that function now takes 4 parameters (see below)

NOTE the four parameters for mysqli_connect:  $db = mysqli_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpassword, $dbdatabase);
(three used to "do it")

There is now no need for mysqli_select_db (so comment that out, if it is in your php code. :  // mysqli_select_db($db, $dbdatabase); )

If there is any chance you will import code more than once via: require("whatever.php"); , NOW make it : require_once("whatever.php");


If there is anything I forgot, there will be an easy error message (which will be understandable) which will tell you what to do