New Montana Web Programmer

Am I a new Web (web page, web site, browser) Programmer? No.

I have been at it for 15 years, using everything that ran/runs in, on, or through a web page. I have three well-recognized programming certifications -- so I did somethings to prove competencies. [ I also have an unrelated graduate degree; not so relevant, but shows I'm educated. ]

Am I new to Montana?  Yes, but no.

Years ago lived and worked in Montana -- in particular, as a community college instructor (Dawson College) in Glendive, MT.  Since then my experience has included teaching web programming at the college level.  I moved to Montana permanently, Aug, 2013 (Bozeman).

I also know the West because I worked in a similar capacity as in Glendive at UND -- Williston , Williston, N.D.  And, I was the high school sciences teacher in McIntosh, S.D. for 2 years.  I have 20 graduate semester credits from the University of S. Dakota.

The best friends of my wife and I (friends of over 30 years) have lived in and around MT their entire life. 

What do I hope to do in Montana, as a JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP Programmer (a "web page programmer" or "web programmer" -- for short)?

I am mainly here to be of good to the community.  I will do only select work.  I will do it either for free or for absolutely the lowest hourly rates.  It is who ("what") I work for that matters the most to me.  I work hourly and get paid for web products well-made; you like what you get, then you pay for the hours; if you are not satisfied, there is no charge.  PLUS:

I never charge for work I have already done (but often use that as a starting point). 

What can Montana expect?

Having a web presence, INCLUDING online a shopping facility (if desired), for all local, small businesses or non-profits for the lowest possible cost.  And, providing dynamic web sites that illustrate who they are in a useful, efficient and impressive fashion.  Sites will be made SEO (search engine optimized) and found well by all major search engines (no charge for this service). Free online auction software is offered to charities and good causes (hosted on my secure site). AND will also provide a full-feaured Content Management System for good causes (also hosted on my secure site).  Of course, I will also set up a CMS for businesses, if they want a customized instance on their own server/host.

I am an educator and offer to do a class for high school kids on JavaScript, the most important, most-used, and best-to-learn-as-a-first-language programming language (for very low hourly pay, no benefits). JavaSript is used in every device on the Internet.

For more examples of what I am talking about or to contact me to know more, EMAIL me, Brad Jesness.

ALSO: To try an instance of the free, or nearly free, commercial grade shopping cart (costing you some money only if you need set-up help), just email me and request your own sample  instance, and I will set you up with one on one of my secure hosted sites -- where you can do ANYTHING, as a sample shopper or as a full administrator. This way you can build your own site (yes, the software is a site builder!) and use your own sample shopping cart site (all self-explanatory) without setting up an instance on your site. You can see if you like it, before requesting the free open-source kit.

AND: If you are interested in seeing a dynamic web site template, which you can use for free OR have me help you customize, you may email for information on this (again: letting you see a sample instance).  Thanks.

For an example of a content management system I offer, see this link .